Making a difference

We are a European private equity group with a 28-year heritage of value creation.

Our strategy is centred on making a difference to the companies we support and the institutions which invest in our funds.

We focus on delivering long-term positive change to portfolio companies, taking local champions and turning them into international leaders. In so doing, we foster community involvement and work to create a better society.

Over the years, we have developed a unique footprint, focused on small and mid cap investments in the Nordics, DACH region, France and Benelux.

Through committed, active ownership, we generate strong returns across economic cycles and we have built a strong track record of successful growth.

We believe however, that with growth comes responsibility. And we are mindful of our responsibilities as owners and our social and environmental obligations.

Originally committed capital:
 >€9.5 billion

  • IK Small Cap II Fund
  • IK VIII Fund
  • IK Small Cap I Fund
  • IK VII Fund
  • IK 2007 Fund
  • IK 2004 Fund
  • IK 2000 Fund
  • IK 1997 Fund
  • IK 1994 Fund
  • IK 1989 Fund
IK’s 25th anniversary

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